Tooth Extractions in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Although saving teeth is our priority, sometimes a tooth is too damaged to salvage. In these cases, tooth extractions in Wilkes-Barre, PA are necessary at NEPA Dental Group. Here are some reasons that teeth may need removing.

Reasons for Extracting Teeth

There are numerous reasons for extracting teeth like those in this list.

Tooth Decay

The primary reason for pulling teeth is tooth decay damage. Once decay gets beneath the enamel down to the dentin, a root canal may be necessary. However, a neglected decayed tooth will be weak, and it can break due to chewing pressures. While our dentist can repair most broken teeth, some may have too much damage to fix.

Broken Teeth

Some people who have teeth broken in an accident may need them removed because they are too damaged to repair. A tooth that’s broken at the gum line will need an tooth extraction because the dental crown can break off, and it can be difficult to fix the tooth so that it’s strong enough to function normally.

Impacted Teeth

It isn’t uncommon for teeth to grow beneath others if they grow at an angle, or they may not have room for them to emerge. If one of these situations happens, our dentist will need to perform a surgical tooth extraction to remove teeth. Most tooth extractions near you are simple ones for decayed or damaged teeth.

Tooth Overcrowding

Some people may have an extra tooth that emerges between overlaps other teeth. When this is the case, our dentist will remove the extra tooth so that the others can return to their proper positions. Removing them can make teeth look more attractive or allow the correct fit for braces or other prosthetics.

Gum Disease

If decay spreads to your gums, it can cause teeth to become loose, and our dentist may need to remove and replace diseased teeth. Pulling them prevents teeth from falling from your gums and causing you to swallow them. or break teeth when you eat.

If you need tooth extractions for any of these reasons, book an appointment for wisdom teeth removal with our dentist at NEPA Dental Group to ensure their correctly performed. They will be glad to discuss replacement options too.

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