What Do You Do in a Dental Emergency?

What Do You Do in a Dental Emergency?

February 15, 2022

Dental emergencies, as it is their habit, always occur in the evenings or on holidays when you are spending quality time with your family. They compel you to leave aside everything and search for an emergency dentist near me to get rid of a toothache or perhaps mend a fractured or broken tooth. However, what do you do in a dental emergency? First, you panic and begin searching for dentists in your vicinity or try to rush to the emergency room for the help you need.

When dental emergencies occur, you must realize emergency dentistry in Wilkes-Barre, PA, are available beyond office hours to provide the treatment necessary. You help yourself by not panicking and contacting this dental facility to explain your situation and receive the recommended treatment.

What Must You Do during Dental Emergencies?

Whenever any dental emergencies occur, try to contact your regular dental care provider to inquire whether they provide emergency services. If not, check your dental insurance papers for in-network dentists providing emergency dentistry services. Get to the emergency dentist in Kingston, PA at the earliest because time is of the substance in many dental situations.

For example, if you have a loose filling or a dental crown, you do not need help from emergency dentistry because you can seek urgent dental care from your dentist and wait for a couple of days until your appointment. However, please do not ignore the appointment because the loose filling or dental crown is a preventive measure in your mouth to safeguard your tooth. Visit your dentist on the day of your appointment and get the tooth restored without exceptions.

On the other hand, if you have a knocked-out tooth from an impact on your mouth, you must get the treatment necessary within 30 minutes from an emergency dentist located nearby. Before you head to the emergency dentist, collect the knocked-out tooth holding it by the crown, and rinse it if dirty. Remain cautious not to scrub the roots, and after rinsing, keep it in your mouth or a milk container to keep the tooth moist. Please get to the emergency dentist near you as soon as possible to have them reattach the tooth into its socket to allow the roots to reattach in a couple of months.

When reattaching a knocked-out tooth, dentists use emergency dental procedures to splint the tooth to the adjacent teeth asking you to remain with your dentist for evaluations.

Which Dental Emergencies Need Prompt Attention?

Dental emergencies are mysterious, and that not all dental issues require prompt treatment from an emergency dentist in Kingston, PA. For example, a minor toothache, a painless cracked tooth, or the criteria described earlier merely require urgent dental care and not emergency dentistry services. If you have a minor toothache take over-the-counter painkillers after flossing your teeth to find relief from the discomfort. A painless cracked tooth does require attention but not from emergency dentistry. You can wait for a couple of days and see your regular dentist to determine how to deal with the particular situation.

However, if you have an excruciating toothache with a dental abscess near the roots of your tooth, it indicates you have an infected dental pulp from deep decay. While you can use over-the-counter painkillers to alleviate the discomfort, you need help from an emergency dentist to drain the abscess and receive antibiotics for infection control. Even worse, you must have the fearsome root canal treatment to eliminate the infection from your tooth, which can assume life-threatening proportions if you leave it untreated.

You may find it challenging to determine whether the dental issue bothering you needs treatment from an emergency dentist in Kingston, PA or can wait for a couple of days until you see your regular provider. However, whenever you feel you need emergency dental care, first of all, call your regular dentist. Even if their office is closed, they may have an emergency number or alternatives to reach out to the options. In addition, your dentist may schedule you for an emergency appointment because dentists always have anticipated slots for dental emergencies.

Do not ignore a dental issue, whether it strikes you or your family member. The consequences of neglecting dental emergencies are expensive and can also result in tooth loss. If you cannot find any dentist offering emergency services nearby, confidently call NEPA Dental Group for the treatment you need, which the facility will provide happily.

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